Last Updated December 23, 2007

    The 1st Airborne Rock and Roll Division rolled through San Miguel in the mid 80's.  Made up of members from rock bands Kansas, Cheap Trick, Doobie Brothers and more, they stopped in while on a USO tour of the Pacific.  I've got plenty of pictures I still need to scan but for now here's what's done. Many thanks to the MWR folks like Gordon Hinman who helped bring this show to San Miguel.

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Robin Zander of Cheap Trick Patrick Simmons of the Doobie Brothers and Phil Erhart of Kansas Rick Nielsen & Bun E. Carlos of Cheap Trick with Phil Erhart of Kansas Rick Nielsen Robin Zander with "AJ"
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Scott Poole & Bob Abtey Bob Abtey & 
JJ "Doc" Busko
Finished Stage Doc Busko &
Tim Jacobs
Photo: Gordon Hinman
Tim Jacobs & 
Scott Poole
Photo: Gordon Hinman
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  Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick   Rick Nielsen  

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